Tooba Gondal who groomed jihadi brides ‘escapes Syrian camp with 800 other extremists as Turkey assaults Kurdish guards’

Tooba Gondal who groomed jihadi brides ‘escapes Syrian camp with 800 other extremists as Turkey assaults Kurdish guards’

A BRIT jihadi dubbed russian mail order wives the “ISIS matchmaker” has escaped from prison with 800 other fanatics after Turkish soldiers attacked their guards, reports claim.

Tooba Gondal, now 25, gained notoriety after grooming jihadi brides with ill propaganda – with Shamima Begum rumoured to be among her recruits.

The Kurdish-led administration stated 785 foreigners associated with ISIS fled the Ain Issa camp in Raqqa after it had been shelled by Turkish forces and their allies.

Those types of thought to are typically in the camp is ISIS “matchmaker” Tooba Gondal, 25, from Walthamstow, North East London.

The jihadi bride ended up being provided for the camp together with her two kiddies after she ended up being caught wanting to slip into Turkey.

A”filthy country”, Gondal, who uses the pseudonym Umm Muthanna Al Britaniyah, begged to come home last month despite once calling Britain.

She whined: ” The public that is british frightened, they don’t wish to handle us. Nonetheless they must.

“We can’t remain in this camp for the others of our life, they have to cope with us. We have been maybe not threat with their culture, we simply want a life that is normal.”

The jihadi insisted she had been the genuine target and stated she posed no danger to Britain.

Photos apparently through the Observatory that is syrian for Rights seem to show a team of people operating from the camp today – with Gondal included in this, relating to ITV Information.

They said those in the camp fled as clashes broke away between Turkey-backed Syrian fighters and Kurdish forces.

In line with the administration that is kurdish-led “mercenaries” had assaulted the camp – causing ISIS fighters to storm the gates after assaulting guards.


A declaration stated: “The brutal assault that is military by Turkey and its own mercenaries happens to be occurring near a camp in Ain Issa, where you will find thousands (of men and women) from groups of ISIS.”

It included some could actually escape after “bombardments that targeted” the camp.

Tensions have already been heightened since Donald Trump announced US troops would keep the region.

Your choice has drawn criticism that is widespread with a few arguing the withdrawal has paved the way in which for the Turkish assaults.

He tweeted today: “Very smart to not be concerned when you look at the fighting that is intense the Turkish Border, for a big change.

“those who erroneously got us in to the center East Wars are nevertheless pressing to fight. They will have no clue exactly what a bad choice they are making. What makes they perhaps maybe not asking for a Declaration of War?”

Their escape arrived following the us confirmed significantly more than 130,000 individuals have been displaced in the area since Turkish forces started the offensive.


A lot more than 30,000 had been forced from their houses today – with Turkey saying it intends to carry on their offensive for nine more times.

Procedure Peace Spring has seen a wave of shelling on Kurdish militia – with Turkey’s Defense Ministry tweeting that 480 fighters that are kurdish been “neutralised” since Wednesday.

In Turkey, 18 civilians have already been killed in cross-border bombardment, Turkish news and officials state.

The clashes have actually spilled on the edge – with shells shells fired from Syria striking the border that is turkish of Akcakale and Suruc.

They are put on standby following the first ISIS fighters escaped from the prison in Qamishli on after the prison was bombed by Turkey friday.

Chilling footage taken from the day that is same to demonstrate ISIS brides wanting to hightail it through the notorious al-Hawl refugee camp after beginning a riot.


The sprawling camp, that has been dubbed ‘Camp Caliphate’, homes around 68,000 jihadi brides and ended up being when house to Brit-born Shamima Begum.

Spooks worry ISIS extremists from Britain and Europe could have the chance to flee if Kurdish guards abandon the jails since the Turkish invasion intensifies.

Around 12,000 ISIS fighters, included in this Syrians, Iraqis, but additionally 2,500 to 3,000 international citizens from 54 countries, are held in Kurdish prisons, relating to Abdel Karim Omar, the Syrian Defence Force reports.

Trump has defended their choice to pull US troops through the area – despite making its Kurdish allies, the Defence that is syrian Force at risk.

Turkey views the group being a danger because of their url to the Syrian Kurdish individuals Protection Units (YPG), that they see as a terrorist organization.

The united states has threatened Turkey with sanctions unless it calls from the incursion.

Boris Johnson has expressed concern that is”grave in regards to the situation in north Syria – and called on Turkey to get rid of its armed forces procedure.

The PM urged President that is turkish Recep Erdogan to get rid of the combat as he talked to him yesterday.


A Downing Street spokesman stated: “Mr Johnson expressed the united kingdom’s grave concern about Turkey’s armed forces procedure in north Syria which he stated could further aggravate the situation that is humanitarian and undermine the progress made against Daesh IS.

” The prime minister underlined that Turkey is definitely an crucial partner for the British and a NATO ally.

“He recognised Turkey’s part during the forefront regarding the fight Daesh and its particular generosity in supporting refugees who have fled the war that is civil Syria.

“But the minister that is prime clear that the UK cannot help Turkey’s army action.

“He urged the president to get rid of the procedure and come into dialogue, and said great britain and partners that are international willing to help negotiations towards a ceasefire.”

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